Late night cramming, finishing assignments in a student hall, praying for a good essay topic to come your way. Does any of this sound familiar? Yes, these are characteristics of a university education with which many of us are familiar. How often have you heard a joke on TV about flirting, drinking, and partying as it is what you do in a college. Part of a university experience is about having fun, growing as an individual, and, yes, some partying.

How to be a successful student

There are some tips for studying that can help you with the studious part of your university career. Tip 1: make a decision for yourself to place a top priority on grades. Although, your parents might really nag at you to get your studies and assignments done, ultimately it’s up to you. Make your home a place that promotes studying, assignments, and learning. Tip 2: make the habit of doing something rewarding and fun after studying. Fun time may include heading out with friends, chatting over a telephone or online, watching a favourite TV program, playing a game, working out, etc.

Tip 3: schedule time to study and do assignments each day at the same time, if you can. Be specific about what time and for how long studying is to take place every day. This promotes studying as a habit and as a regular basis scheduled activity. In addition, schedule time when you’ll not be doing any homework, like on Sunday. Tip 4: encourage a positive and focused on study atmosphere. A good place to study is one with good lighting, a desk and a chair, and without distractions.